Insulation tube is made by high temperature resistance epoxy resin and high tension strength fiber glass. It is the insulation parts for the 110KV-1000KV composite hollow insulator, reactor, arrester, fuse, transformer,Load tap switch and so on high voltage electrical equipment and system.

The ID from 6-18mm ones need knitting the fiber glass, then dip the fiber glass pipe into the epoxy resin. The ID more than 18mm ones need the fiber glass dip into the epoxy resin and then winding, curing, turning, grinding, cutting, cleaning, inspection, testing, packing. The winding angle can be±45~55degree, we can adjust the angle according to your request. Temperature resistance is≥160℃and≥220℃,

We have launched 4 series, they are IT-QEHE series, IT-QECE series, IT-QGCE series and It-QGHE series.

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FRP insulation tube IT-QECE series

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FRP insulation tube IT-QEHE series

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FRP insulation tube IT-QGCE series

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FRP insulation tube IT-QGHE series

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